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Taking a Break

Why is it that when you get one part of your life sorted, the rest of it decides to fall apart, and sometimes quite spectacularly? After posting two positive and optimistic blogs over the past couple of days and attending … Continue reading

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Book Therapy

Research has found that one of the most powerful things we can do in recovering from depression is to read a book.  They mean the self-help books, but I can find great therapeutic qualities on p130 of the hardback edition … Continue reading

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It’s all in your Head.

Recovering from depression is a long road.  Even 14 years later I’m still working at it, but here’s something that’s given me some astonishing insight about what’s going on in my head.   “It’s all in your head.”  It’s a … Continue reading

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Keep Calm and Hug the Volcano

When we’re feeling a bit rubbish, we all have things that make us instantly feel better.  It doesn’t make the problem go away, far from it; but it does make it seem that little bit easier to cope with. It … Continue reading

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