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In 2010 after twenty years of being very overweight, unhealthy and and failing to do anything significant about it; the final straw came when I was dignosed with Sleep Apnoea and was issued with a CPAP machine to use at night.  Sleep Apnoea is a condition where you stop breathing at night and the CPAP machine delivers air under pressure to keep your airways open.  The best way I can describe how it feels, is to ask you to go and purchase a Darth Vader mask and try and sleep in it.  No, it’s not great.

After four months of using CPAP, I decided enough was enough and that I would do whatever it took to get rid of the seven stone (100lbs) excess weight on me that was causing the condition in the first place.  In June 2011 I reached a place where I was happy… and then the hard work started.

Losing weight isn’t about ‘before’ and ‘after’ because there isn’t an ‘after’ there’s only the place you’re in now.  Sure, I weigh less than I did, but I still battle with food issues,  I still battle with low self-esteem and making those healthy choices isn’t something I did for a while and (that old chestnut) now I can eat what I like.  Each day is a choice to eat and drink what maintains my health and that means selecting the good stuff over the garbage.

(left) September 2010 (right) September 2011

This is my way of sharing my experience and hopefully helping other people at the same time.


Rachel J Lewis was born and brought up in Lancashire.  She’s married with a teenage daughter, lives in Ampthill, Bedfordshire and is managed by a cat.  She is an active part of her church community and could write a book about her experiences as their administrator – if anyone would believe her.  When she’s not writing, she’s reading, helping to organise Ampthill Literary Festival and finding new ways to avoid doing the housework.


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