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Getting Some Motivation from Mo

When you’re actively losing weight, finding yourself in a position where you eat something other than what’s on your plan can lead you to think you’re a failure and that you might as well give up.  Nothing could be further … Continue reading

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Starting from where you are

Yesterday, I was in Milton Keynes and found myself, once again, searching for the magic cure for my life, which I believed to be one of two things:  It would be the book and secondly it would be the notebook to write down what comes … Continue reading

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Pressing on…

It’s been a while since I posted a blog on here, but I think it’s time I pressed it back into service. I’m 45 now and it’s not sitting easily with me.  It’s not that I’m having trouble being a year older, I’m … Continue reading

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I probably should have spotted it in the vegetables.

If you know me, you’ll know that by and large, I’m not noted for my reckless behaviour.  I can see the point in rule following, I think manners are vastly underrated and it’s my greatest wish that ‘being nice’ wasn’t … Continue reading

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What’s next…

November 18th 2010 was a very special day for me.  It was the day I decided that I couldn’t cope with having to use a CPAP machine to manage my sleep apnoea anymore and it was time to do something … Continue reading

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Averting the Crash About to Happen

The fact that I’ve not posted here since July gives you some idea of what the problem is.  Busy is good, but get too busy and some of the plates start to spin off and crash to the floor. “Here … Continue reading

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The World is My Oyster

One of the things I love most about having a holiday is that for a few days at least I get to stick my head above the parapet of my life and check out what’s going on ‘out there.’  It’s … Continue reading

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Gimme Some Loving!

Warning: Marriage and ladies bits.  If that’s not your thing read something else. An article in the Guardian yesterday piqued my interest.  In essence, it said you can forget the societal stereotype of women as being more suited to monogamy … Continue reading

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Surgery Part 2: Knowing My Limits

24 hours since surgery and I’m discovering what an abdomen encased in a restrictive binder can do.  Not much. A woman in a binder eh…?  Don’t tell Mitt 😉 All credit to the Doctors on the Plastic Surgery team they … Continue reading

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Surgery Part 1: Cut Here

Last Friday, 3rd May I had an ‘Inverted T Abdominoplasty.’  It’s been five days since surgery so what’s been my experience? In the weeks leading up to surgery all I could really think about was what needed to be done … Continue reading

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