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I probably should have spotted it in the vegetables.

If you know me, you’ll know that by and large, I’m not noted for my reckless behaviour.  I can see the point in rule following, I think manners are vastly underrated and it’s my greatest wish that ‘being nice’ wasn’t … Continue reading

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It’s all in your Head.

Recovering from depression is a long road.  Even 14 years later I’m still working at it, but here’s something that’s given me some astonishing insight about what’s going on in my head.   “It’s all in your head.”  It’s a … Continue reading

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Be encouraged!

While I do think I’ve been put on this earth to make people laugh, at times I can be given to moods of introspection.  Not the woe-is-me stuff, that’s passed, that’s ancient history and thank God; because I was beginning … Continue reading

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